Thursday, May 16, 2013

User Study Teaser + Conclusions

1.      Seems like participants are divided to 2 groups: those who know SIMON understood the interaction very quickly. Those who don’t, need more time to explore the game interaction.
2.      More challenging = more fun when you progress in the game (stage 7+). We might start the patterns at 3.
3.      Adults prefer to play alone but enjoy the help of their friends. Kids (up to 13) intuitively prefer to play together and divide the colors.
4.       People heading in different directions are stopping and gathering around.
5.      When Simon is not played the lights do not attract potential players. People are coming when they see someone else playing and willing to wait for a try.

Comments we got about design and game possible improvements:
1.      Change the sounds to different and more pleasant sounds (different sets of sound)
2.      Would like to step with all body on the buttons (Like the Piano in big)

3.      People suggested to place Street Simon in- places where we need to wait (bus stop + queues) but also parks and kids play gardens. The popular reason was "because time passes fast while we have fun".

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