Monday, May 6, 2013

Second Mentor Presentation and Their Reviews

The presentation went quite well, nothing exploded :)

These are the main pointers we got:

  • Focus on the fun aspect rather than time not wasted
  • While the game is engaging the pedestrians, they remain with their eyes down- less interaction among them besides playing together
  • Location change- a crosswalk might be dangerous, other "waiting spots" are an option. Bus stations resemble the current feel and provide a longer game period, other public spots might work as well (avenues, squares, parks, playgrounds)
  • User profiles- keeping individual scores, keeping each traffic light score, etc
  • Simplicity is one of our advantages
  • Moving the game to other locations (crosswalks/buss stations/etc) after a few weeks-might be boring for people that pass there every day
  • The psychological theories are correct but the motivation is a bit vague
  • Cognitive and physical advantages are significant for youngsters and the elderly
  • We should find our stronger features and focus on them- the game might be less attractive to a greater audience for the experience's sake
Two features we dropped along the way that were suggested:
  • Playing in turns between the sides- each side adds one to the pattern he got from the other side
  • Remaining time display

This weekend we will perform some users tests regarding the pointers we got. The main issue for us right now is the location- we will try to place the game in a few locations that are not necessarily crosswalks.

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