Thursday, May 30, 2013

Street Simon Street Demo Day!

We took our gear and headed to Rothschild Avenue to see how the people in the street react to our shiny large buttons.


Dor was on the way to the bus, stopped for a few minutes and did 12 patterns before he had to run 

 Clashers, another miLab project, were nearby and couldn't resist
Dr. Guy Hoffman and a pedestrians performed a duo act. We had to move the game because of the sun- it was hot and the LEDs weren't strong enough
 Liri was on her way to meet her father for lunch, we tried a different setting that was more comfortable for solo players.
 Oren tried a few rounds- his best was 14
 miLab's Dr. Oren Zuckerman joined as well
 A guy with a SIMON shirt had to play our Simon!!!

 Shachar and Alon came back from lunch and wanted something fun and uplifting to do on their way back to the office
 Alon did 15 patterns

All in all it was a great demo- people got interested, played alone and with other pedestrians.

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