Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sketching Interactions

This week was a bit weird for us five. Trying to find the essence of the interaction and experience for the pedestrian that is about to become a player is not an easy job. After the animated storyboard we got a few new ideas and started to examine them. A sketch that we all agreed upon was drawn by Alex:

Doron added his own illustration for the game:

So as you can see, it's good that we didn't fulfill our artistic wishes and went with something that we are better in. That said, we changed the layout to be more like a line of buttons and added the timer and watts gained in the game. More issues are still to be determined:

  • Will the players depend on one another? Will they recreate a pattern and add one or just follow a computer-generated pattern and play against the clock (or green light)?
  • How will the pedestrian know that Simon wants to play with him or her?
  • How will strangers that wait in the same side play together?
  • Will the game end when the light turns green?
No rush, we just need to film and edit a concept movie. Oh wait.

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