Sunday, December 30, 2012

An Animated Storyboard is almost a Concept video, aye?

Not a second to lose, not a moment to rest. Our best video and graphic editing skills were required to create an animated storyboard that needs to show our idea and demonstrate the interaction. This is what we came up with:

Very low-tech, but kind of cute. 

After showing it in class and to our friends we listed a few problems:
  • The green light timer is not very clear as a green light timer (the changing numbers in the middle of the Simon)
  • The interaction between the two sides is confusing- they were supposed to play against each other when the first player hits a pattern, adds one and then the other player needs to recreate the pattern and add one step and so on
  • It seems a bit romantic
  • The different sounds are annoying and they should be more of the same "theme"
  • The round setting of the game seems suitable for one player only
  • No reference to the green aspect and electricity gaining 
Moreover, we had to check if playing Simon as a group is fun.

Our scientists agree- it is, indeed, very fun!

....and back to the sketching board!

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