Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In order to get focused on our idea, Guy asked us to prepare a short document that states the need, idea, metaphor and user scenario

It's just a sketch now, probably will be quite different after we dive in :)

Need: Lower anxiousness by knowing how much time remains until the traffic light turns green while having fun.

Idea: interactive Simon game that is projected on the "waiting" area next to the crosswalk, generating electricity via a piezoelectric surface that is placed underneath the "waiting" area to power the traffic light.

Metaphor: urban outdoors Simon, solo or with an opponent.

Scenario: Andy is on his way to meet Erin, it's their first date. He's only a few blocks away, getting a bit anxious he might be late or maybe it won't go well. Andy gets to a traffic light that just turned red. A counter appears next to the road and a Simon "console" appears next to Andy. A flow of 4 lights and sounds is played. Andy notices that a two young girls on the other side of the street are pressing something with their feet. He tries to replicate the flow and each "button" reacts with light and sound. "Great!" appears next to the "console" and the girls give him a thumb up. Another flow appears, the girls and Andy are ready and play it. The shortest minute he had in the passing week comes to an end, the counter reaches 5, Andy's score (15) appears next to the girls' (27), the light turns green. He passes the girls, smiles and feels uplifted- ready for a great first date.

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