Sunday, November 18, 2012

HCI miLab Project- GO!

5 confused but ambitious students from 3 different schools and 1 project to consume every awake minute we have.

Let's do a short intro of ourselves- we decided to call our team tydda. Why tydda? well...

Tamar Garfunkel, 25 year old interactive communication student from Givatayim. Believes in the powerful impact of music-therapy. Plays the piano and a dozen other musical instruments.

Yael Leventer, 26 year old computer science student from Tel Aviv. Driven to change the way people experience the urban life. Has a gorgerous Scottish Fold cat by the name of Hershy.

Doron Barsky, 27 year young psychology student from Tel Aviv. Fascinated by interpersonal spontaneous relationships. Enthusiast yogi and an amateur cook (organic only!). 

Dudi Malik, 25 year old computer science student from Givat Shmuel. Will code for world peace. Likes to hike and is the proud owner of Shmulik the Golden Retriver.

Alex Man, 22 years old interactive communication student from Tel Aviv. Eager to explore NUI and TUI systems and their users. Vegan muffin pro-baker and mom to two fuzzy cats (Lima and Jezza). 

So, we're team tydda and our HCI project for this year is Red Light Simon.

This is our BA's last year and we chose the HCI miLab to be our final and concluding project. We aim to make a difference in the way people experience the city, hopefully towards a more positive and social moment. We believe our combined disciplines and areas of interest will help us to better understand current dilemmas and perhaps find a solutions that will make a change.

This year's other HCI miLab members are:

Pillar Polls- the team wants to take the the city gathers on issues, and share it with the public in an accessible way.  Similarly, they we want to gather the public's opinion on these issues as data in and of itself, and bring it to the city officials in an organized fashion. PillarPolls is a system that will take municipal issues and display them to residents in a location that is relevant to the issue.  This will cause discourse, raising awareness of municipal issues
StreetBeat- an urban artistic display that enables users to connect to the musical "personality" of an area in the city. StreetBeat senses which music is played within Musical Points of Interest and plays what's trending and popular
Recycle BallTurning the current irritating recycle action into a competitive game that gives the user a fun experience that will motivate him to recycle more and will attract new people who don’t recycle to start doing so
SoundScape- tagging and mapping urban sounds 


  1. Just wanted to say that I love this idea, and I hope it makes it into public use.

    I also really liked the name... :-)

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