Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prototype Video is here!

Here is a live demonstration of our Simon prototype! How exciting!

This week we are going to finish the other 4 buttons, make a few adjustments based on our peers' experience with the game and make another user study.

A few things we noticed that has to be "rethinked"-

  • The wiring is still quite loose and fragile, this will be fixed when we finish building a case for the display.
  • The buttons move during the game- we need to think of a way to make them more stable and safe (for players and the mechanics/electronics)
  • The "correct" notification+sound is sometimes confusing to the users, makes them think they need to follow a really quick and hard sequence and not just the gradual sequences in between the "correct" notification
  • We might change the angle of the buttons- might be more affordable and inviting

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