Sunday, March 3, 2013

Select and Refine

Still need to determine what is the core of our Simon- it's been hard to choose which goal is the main one. We wanted to combine playing a game and connecting with others (fun), passing the time (lower anxiety) and producing electricity (ecological).

As advised by mentors and the miLab staff, we must have one thing that defines the interaction and will attract pedestrians to play.

Two tests can determine if Simon works-
  1. people prefer "Simon"ed crosswalks over plain ones.
  2. people keep on playing after the light turns green.
For now Simon will consist of two "consoles", one for each side of the crosswalk that can be played by 1 to 4 players. The pattern is the same for both sides and the score is gained by the number of patterns achieved in a certain amount of time (red light length). The connection can be made by the players in the same side and between the sides.

For now we will focus on the fun aspect of Simon- passing the time and connecting to others via the game.

For next week we need to prepare a few options of buttons (based on the Arduino prototype when the materials and mechanisms are varying and possible pressure to be applied is to be tested),start working on a new storyboard and plan a user study flow. We have a few industrial design students for friends, time to "take" a hand from them.

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