Monday, February 25, 2013

Goals and Deadlines

Yael and Doron met with Guy and Noa and discussed the goals and deadlines for this semester until the final presentation in mid-May.

Issue 1: Electricity- 
Deadline: 3.3 (Decision and proposals to Noa/Guy) 
Dudi and Yael

a) Finding an electricity specialist
b) Defining and Purchasing Hardware
c) Powering the fans?

Issue 2: the game interaction- Deadline- 17.3
Tamar, Alex and Doron
3 Options of Interactions:
  • Single player- only build one prototype, one side plays by himself (however multiple players can be on the same side
  • Multiple player as originally planned- two prototypes, functioning autonomically and separately as a contest develops between both sides of who manages to complete more patterns
  • Active and passive side of players (guy's suggestion): one side gets a tablet from which he can provide patterns for the other side. The other side has a simon interface as planned, but needs to repeat the patterns provided by the side with the tablet.
  • Divide the 4 colored buttons between both sides of the street. Both sides receive the same patterns, but each side is responsible only for the buttons on his side (e.g. one side of the street has the red and blue buttons and the other side green and yellow). On each side of the street we have speakers, so that they hear the full pattern and hear the pattern completions by the other side. The disadvantage of this that it will only work with multiple players.
Pointers after we choose the interaction:
  • What are the rules of the game? How do we begin- how do we deal with users unfamiliar with simon? how do we convey the rules/points/harversting meter?

  • An explanation of the rules is required if we choose interaction c and maybe b.
  • How do we address a single player scenario
  • How do we address multiple player on same side scenario
  • How do we address multiple player on both sides scenario
  • Do we create a gaming "world" for street simon (e.g. contests of who gets most points, who harvests most energies) 

  • Suggestion: consult with gamification expert to discuss game rules. 

    Issue 3: Building the prototype- Deadline: 7.4 
    Dudi and Yael
    • One or two prototypes??? 

  • How do we physically build the prototype
  • The physical, life-size, plastic/fiberglass surface? 
  • Buttons, sound and colored lights
  • Information screens (for electricity, points, timer)

  • Dudi and Yael need to meet with Guy about this, Guy suggests: 
    Perspex plate, with a sticker so it won't be transparent. Underneath colored LEDs. Or the plastic will be colored and the LEDs will be white. 
    The Perspex will be on a hinge with a spring, that will be connected to the button of the Simon, so when you press down it will activate the button.
    Issue 4: The movie- Deadline: 28.4
    Tamar, Alex, Doron
    • storyboard that properly conveys interaction 17.3

  • storyboard animatic 7.4

  • Issue 5: The User Study
    Tamar, Alex, Doron
    • study 1- paper prototype- how do we do this? - 17.3

  • study 2- working prototype- 28.4 

  • Issue 6: Presentation (Mid May)
    Booth- one or two Simons

    Issue 7: Traffic lights timing 
    Do we address this? Meet with the Tel Aviv municipality? Or for the prototype since we can have this timed should we not deal with it?

    This evening we have a hangout with Noa to address a few of these issues.

    Tic toc.

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